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State of Matter: artists conclude their Masters with symposium and CSM degree show

A Nervous Encounter artists from the Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science present the fruits of their research at CSM Degree Show One, opening this weekend. The class are also hosting a symposium: State of Matter: Collisions and Connections in

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A Nervous Encounter project catalogue

The catalogue produced to accompany A Nervous Encounter can be downloaded here. Artists and scientists involved in the project contributed words and images. Documentation of the art, the science, the dialogue and the process was important for us to record

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Talking about art and science

Artwork by Marta Santuccio

On Saturday, a number of the contributing artists and scientists were at the gallery. It was an informal chance to discuss our work with anyone interested that was visiting the space.. ..And to catch up with each other again, in

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In Session: Where Science and Art Meet

Tomorrow! Drop in to the Old Fire Station on Saturday 13th October 12pm – 3pm to meet some contributors to the show. Talk with artists and scientists about their practice, research and experiences being part of A Nervous Encounter. Come!

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Artists and artworks (detail)

Ellie Fawcett with her artworks

Image credit: Agnieszka Swiejkowska

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Private View: A Nervous Encounter exhibition opening

Guests at the private view for A Nervous Encounter

The private view of A Nervous Encounter took place on the evening of Friday 5th October. The gallery was buzzing, and all in attendance were excited. Many members of the Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit were intrigued by the artworks on display,

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A blackboard announces the coming exhibition

Meanwhile… While the first year students were visiting the lab, down the road at Arts at the Old Fire Station, the second year MA Art and Science students from Central Saint Martins were installing their artworks for A Nervous Encounter. These

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What? Wait.. But these are different artists..?

People look down a light microscope together.

Yesterday, another class of artists visited the Basal Ganglia labs. It is the beginning of term, and the new first year students on the Central Saint Martins MA Art and Science Programme are straight into an introduction to a biomedical

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When worlds collide

We’ve been featured on the Medical Research Council (MRC) blog, with a guest post by Agnieszka Tamiola. Read her words here.

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Neuroconcretism: “The whole is other than the sum of the parts”

Rafaela Miranda Rocha, Neuroconcretism (Retina), ink on japanese paper, 2012

Guest Post by Rafaela Miranda Rocha In the late 50s in Rio de Janeiro, a group of artists decided to break with the rational, industrial-like themes of the Concrete Art movement. Rejecting the serial form, optical effects, and the influence

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