Stories behind the slides

One slide at a time: Agnieszka observed that scientific discovery is a joint effort from passionate scientists. Boxes full of slides are stored methodically, with coded labels outside and in.

One of the first things Agnieszka Tamiola was drawn to when entering the lab was the stacks of little black boxes on the shelves, all labelled with dates and people’s names, on bright pieces of tape. These tidy miniature-suitcases with their brass clasps must contain some mysteries.

In reality they contain many glass microscope slides with preserved biological samples, from months and years past. It is a requirement that work is kept for a certain period after publication, and also we tend not to throw things away in case we want to refer back to past research results. But Agnieszka was fascinated by these archives, the discoveries, the stories, and the people. She was interested in understanding the tools and methods used by neuroscientists and translating them into an installation in which the visual language of the lab is adapted to convey ideas about the acquiring and dissemination of knowledge and personal histories of scientific research.

Starting with a conversation with the lab leader, Professor Paul Bolam, Agnieszka’s research in the lab evolved into posing questions to a number of Basal Ganglia lab scientists about their work and their lives. She borrowed an empty slide box and some blank glass slides to develop her installation. What will her research story tell?

One print at a time: Experiments in material and scale; the elusive and transcendent moment of discovery. A taste of Agnieszka’s developing installation.

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