“Incremental steps”

Guest Post by Agnieszka Tamiola

It’s only a week until the exhibition. It strikes me that much of the work involved in this project is going to be edited out. I’d like to share two of my sketches and a print as an insight into how I have been developing my work. These are examples of little steps that contributed to the piece I am going to show. I think about these in terms of incremental steps, to quote the founding member of the lab Professor Paul Bolam. This is the expression he used in the interview while commenting on the nature of scientific discovery. The exhibition will be similar to having a research paper published; it’s an opportunity to share findings, and our efforts from the studio or the lab respectively, with the outside world.

In the first sketch ‘Incremental steps’ I am trying to capture the often collaborative nature of scientific endeavour. While in the print ‘Personal contributions’ the scientists behind the slides are brought to the viewers’ attention. These two aspects have been developed for a final 3D piece and a projection.

The last sketch ‘Freezing’ is an attempt to visually capture the motor impairment caused by the death of dopamine neurons. I imposed on myself a set of rules and used the subsequent limitations to create an abstract image.

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